Today I started this blog just as the blog description says, as a memo for God's works.

Yes, but I'm not going to talk, or share about God's words, as it's about God's works. I desire to share about what God has done to my life, my career and the entire human world.

It's been a great memory that we started Falcon Ministry year ago with the strong desire to throw out our profit for simply fulfilling the basic need of people in severe hunger. But thing never goes easy, with my tiny knowledge the ministry is unable to support the hungry people, even my life.

Time by time, months by months, lots of learning and sufferings (yeah, it always come together), we have finally built up some achievements in our profits, and now, we know it's time to give back. I would like to start with donation, and later, may be in the unseen future, we can extend to direct involvement in the society.

In this blog, I welcome all people who has different religion to share and spread the word of charity. I personally believe that's no religion issue when we talk about saving life, it's our obligation of life. Everyone saves people for a reason, you're always free to share it peacefully.

We know this is just a beginning for helping people, and there's more excitement and suffering in future. Hey who cares, just do it! ;-)